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The beautifully imperfect journey of  INbodying your fiery polarities.

Unify your sacred oneness through total INbodiment of your Divine Feminine & Masculine fires. Stop always trying to cope with life and just do, and finally start harmonizing feeling
and being as you move through your everchanging
cycles of life, body, sensuality, and nature.

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INbracing Divinity is an

8-week group immersive educational 

Metamorphosis Program for integrating your Divine Feminine & Masculine fires.

Together, we will unearth all that makes you incredibly human and mysteriously divine in one glorious being that is YOU. The goal of INbracing Divinity is to evoke the words, inner wisdom, feelings, expressions, connections, courage, trust in intuition and movement needed for your personal revelation. 

"It is in the face of duality: life & death, chaos & creation, and imagination & aligned action, we our shown our path to salvation from anything that once separated our being from inner union, sacred oneness, and divine energetic matrimony."

What awaits you:

Build confidence in yourself, comfort in your polarities, INbody and learn about your Yin & Yang energies, feel safety in your sexual expression, and unlock the power of creation and trust through your sensual essence.

  • Learn a basic understanding of Divine Feminine & Masculine energy (wounded vs harmonized and how to utilize these energies for more aligned shifts in your life)

  • Expand  your awareness and ability to be present in your body

  • Witness and release stagnant emotional energy blocks in your mind, being, and soul

  • Shed fears, doubts, negative chatter, scarcity mindset, and self-criticism

  • Connect and INpower your sacred divinities with more ease and grace

  • ​Be supported and deeply cared for in your process of taping into your own abilty to discern and discover resolution within your relationship with yourself and restore your faith and oneness with the Universe

What's Included In Your Investment:

Divine-care Package - journal/drawing book, colored pencils, and weekly Spotify playlists for movement and introspection.  

Weekly Group Calls - For 8-weeks, we will gather once per week for 2 hours. During our session we will  explore Divine Feminine & Masculine energies through various activities and creative expression.

Printable INbracing Divinity Workbook - Follow along each week with my self-created workbook that will include information on Divine Feminine & Masculine energies that coincide with our weekly lessons and journal prompt questions. 

Weekly PowerPoint Presentations - The PowerPoints will be presented during our gatherings. You will have access to all PowerPoints for your own knowledge and educational purposes only after each session. 

Sol-Full Movement Practice - Every session through music, sensual & gentle movements, safe-self touch, and free flow dance, we will come home to the natural flow and rhythm of your body.

Guided Meditative Rest - Each gathering explore the depths of your inner being and find a slice of relaxation in your week that allows you time for deep introspection and self-actualization.

Weekly Self-Expeditions - During our time apart you will receive access to prerecorded Sol-Full Movement videos and Guided Meditative Rest audios for your own personal needs and exploration of your Divine Feminine & Masculine energies.

Ongoing online support via DiscorOutside of our weekly meetings, Discord will allow us to stay in touch during our time apart so that I can continue to be a support for you. Discord will also allow you to chat with other Divine Beings in public and private chat channels you will have full access to.

Your Investment
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Photos taken by Daniela Blagoeva

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