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Lions Sol Pack

We are an online community made up of and for healing healers to gather and free themselves from the cages of their own self-limiting beliefs.

Many of us have been living an existence where we suppress our emotions, disconnected ourselves from our sensual power, and have chosen to "play it small" in order to make others around us feel more comfortable. The decision to hold ourselves back is often because we have not felt safety in exploring our true depth as a human being and a soul while being witnessed without any shame, judgement, or unasked for opinions.

Lions Sol Pack is a beautiful spiritually led group that strongly encourages all to come in their raw form. We do not offer advice, rather we offer a space where you are safe to express the unspoken words, and delve into the wonder of your own body through movement. We are no longer fighting for our place on Mama Earth because we know:


This land that we stand on is already ours and we choose and decide what needs to be ignited, what needs to be burned away, and what needs to be planted & nourished into for us to grow.

Sensual & sexual liberation is our birthright. 

What To Expect:

Each session is 1.5 hour long. During our time together we will explore different exercises that embody our divine feminine and masculine energies. 

We begin each session with sacred sharing. We hold space for the good, bad, happy, sad, mad, and everything in between.

We then journey as a group through a guided visualization where we connect to our own inner Beings and guardians. During this time I channel messages from spirit and offer sound and energy healing.

We end the last 20 - 25 mins with Sol-FULL Movement practice. Sol-FULL Movement incorporates expressive, gentle & sensual movements, safe-self-touch, and voicing to unleash our inner Warrior Lion. We proudly roar our vibrations into this world to shake-up, shift, and alchemize all that needs to be!


Elevating our divine feminine and masculine energies comes from a place of radical self-awareness, acknowledging our own needs, and seeing ourselves through the lens of love.

We rise as one. Stronger together calling in our Sol Pack.

If you feel aligned to check our group out, the first session is free.


*Please note, this a deep, sacred, and at times intense practice of feeling and releasing. I ask you to come with an open heart, mind, and led by your SOL.

next opportunity to join our pack is:

Saturday, March 18th, 8:00 AM PST - 9:30 AM PST

Sunday, March 19th, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM PST

First gathering is


Monthly Membership fee is a sliding scale: 


For 2 sessions per month:

$44 - $66

For 4 sessions per month:

$77 - $99


*Please note, the sessions only apply to the

month you paid for.

Payments Accepted:

PayPal & Venmo

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