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The beautifully imperfect journey of  embodying your divinities.

Sol-Full Movement is about nourishing your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies to allow your unparalleled sensual Goddess code to be reborn!

Sol-Full Movement is a 

4 month 1-ON-1 

Metamorphosis program for spiritual death and rebirth for the awakening of the inner Divine Feminine & Masculine energies.

Together, we will unearth all that makes you incredibly human and mysteriously divine in one glorious being that is YOU. The goal of Sol-Full Movement is to evoke the words, feelings, expressions, connections, and most definitely the movement that is needed for your personal revelation.

Throughout our lives we go through many different metamorphosis processes that have caused a death and rebirth cycle, however, nothing is more explosive than when we rise from what I call the slumber, the loud and yet lonely void of darkness where we are living but far from alive. I know this place well because I have lived there too.

I know for many of us the slumber can last up to decades, and sadly for others it has lasted for lifetimes. It keeps us locked away distant, and out of touch from our sensual and sexual liberation -- the source to your light, magik, and creative being.


Individual’s who find themselves within the slumber, often live in a guilt and shame ridden headspace causing them to people please, and see themselves as a problem rather than an ever-evolving human and soul.

The Universe bestows a fire that burns bright within the darkness and brings forth a time in everyone’s life
deep within the slumber;

Do we either honor the whisper of our truths or remain bounded to a life that we know is not authentic to us?

At first, it may seem scary and often disguised as dangerous and unthinkable to your mind to embrace the guidance, and profound nature of your sacred sexual energy. However, what it really is, is you. Raw, open, and reborn you. The you that is the purest you of all; a sensually liberated Being embracing their Goddess fire dance. 

Waking up from the slumber is booming, loud, shaky, emotional, and fire rages all around you. Death shows itself in the flames. At the surface you see chaos, but what is revealed is the gentle acceptance for self, life – past, present, and future, and release of trying to manipulate the Universe’s plans for you once and for all.

My life's work is dedicated to supporting and guiding fellow healing healers as they bear the flames of the Phoenix within being reborn again.

May you spread your wings and fly. May you know you are never alone.

If you feel ready to embark on the journey of uncovering your Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine Being, I implore you to take my hand and lets grow a more Sol-Full world together.

Metamorphosis Process

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Our journey will begin with a 2 hour discovery call where I will learn all about you, your relationship with sensual & sexual energy, what you are working through, your desires, and personal goals. The focus of our session is to build the foundation for the start of the unfolding of your wings.


From there, I will create a customized 4 month program that will provide clear insight on how the coming months will support your growth. The program will include a variety of practices, audios, sensual dance, introspective work, and other creative artistic forms that are self-directed and unique to your needs.


We will meet twice a month for  1 hour 1-ON-1 support calls. This time is for you to share any struggles, celebrations, ideas, revelations, and self-reflections. Voice. Speak up. Listen. Move. Dance. Scream. Laugh. Into the unknown we go!

What awaits you:

Build confidence in yourself, comfort in your sexual expression, and unlock the power of creation and trust through your sensual energy.

  • Expand  your awareness and ability to be present in your body

  • Witness and release stagnant emotional energy blocks in your mind and being

  • Shed fears, doubts, negative chatter, and self-criticism

  • Connect and empower your sacred divinities

  • ​Heal your relationship with with self and reestablish your oneness with the Universe

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Sol-Full Movement Also Includes:

Self-care Package- personalized Spotify playlist, journal/drawing book, colored pencils, candle, and a book (varies on soul and person's self-development need of focus).  

1 One-on-One Inner Voice session with Amber Dolan-Bath- In a world built upon identifying with the mind filled with fears, doubts, and insecurities that seeks external validation and love. Our soul activation session will be quieting the mind and rerouting your attention to your soul for the wisdom, love, answers, and guidance within you.

4-month Lions Sol Pack Membership- Connect with our online community of healing healers going through their own spiritual awakenings. Share, witness, and allow yourself to open your heart fully with your Sol Pack.

Guided Sol Journey's (meditative healing) - Every time we meet we will explore your inner being through guided visualizations. You will have a powerful healing experience where I will channel a psychic intuitive message and then take you through a guided visualization where we will connect with your guardians and angels. This experience is profound for reaching and understanding your Inner Divine Being. 

Ongoing online support via Discord- Discord will allow us to stay in touch during our time apart so that I can continue to be a support for you. Discord will also allow you to chat with other Sol-Full Beings in public and private chat channels.

Time to Fly

To see self true and fully is to believe with all certainty that miracles are possible and always occurring. 

The adult butterfly is one of nature greatest marvels to see. So clumsy. So unathletic, and yet without fail this delicate yet fiercely inspiring insect teaches us the need for our own belief in self, our path, and keeping our sight open to the beauty around and within us.

There is no better time than the now, and I ask that through divine trust you follow the reason your intuition led you here and had you read all of this today. And from there...

I'm here, set to go and ready fly with you when you are.

Lets Connect

Thank you for your interest in the 1-ON-1 Sol-Full Movement Program. An email will be sent to you within 24 hours with a schedule to book your discovery call.

Photos taken by Daniela Blagoeva

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