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"Thank you to every single individual who has crossed my path and has chosen to grow with me. Witnessing you all as you are is one of my life's greatest gifts. I honor you all. I bow my head in gratitude."

- Marcolena Lion 

Sol-full beings experience

Hear from other Sol-FULL beings experience of working with Marcolena Lion.

Afternoon Light


1:1 Visionary Reading For the So(u)l :

Marky's readings are more than just a vision into your future. It’s an experience to dive deeper into your soul and your evolution here on earth. The reading is more like a pair of glasses to help you see better into where you are at right now, heal your past, and how to move forward into the future that the Universe wants for you. In one word her readings are FREEDOM. But it’s more than that and I couldn’t recommend her and her offerings enough. If you have even an inkling if I want to do this, do yourself a favor and DO IT! Your soul will thank you!



I asked the universe for direction, for a path to healing and the next steps I was supposed to take.  When I found Sol Full movements I was struggling with the divine Feminine. And my place in the world.  My instinct was to keep her hiding deep within myself.  Protecting her from her full embrace.  She was aching to be freed.  Sol Full Movement allowed me a safe space when I needed it the most.  


The space to be free, to open the doors that I had purposely shut within myself.  I thought I was protecting myself when actually I was holding back.


The soft movements brought me to the top of a mountain where I began to look at myself differently.  I hadn’t realized the release that was possible for my energy system through soft touch, movements, visualizations, and the readings.


Integrating my divine feminine has been a life long process but now I have a place where I can feel honored, understood, and loved for exactly my authentic self.  I can feel like there is somewhere I belong.


Being aware of myself as I am without judgement is a feeling of such deep balance that I feel renewed.  Every two weeks I look forward to the journey this group takes me on.  Energetically knowing each time I become more empowered then the last.  To belong to such a high vibration high energy Pack is what dreams come from.  


We must follow the call of the soul.  The energy created in this space assists with the healing of who we thought we were, in order to become what we know we can!  Possibilities are endless.  Are you ready to look within and see what you find?


The facilitator Marcolena Lion is a high vibrational being and healing connective energy is created through her, as an open channel of love.  You can feel this love cascade through the screens and within you as we move. The powerful visualizations she's leads us through flow so freely and awakens the senses.


I feel I have opened up pieces of me that I didn’t even know existed.  And as we move the integration of divine masculine becomes just as important. Being able to see and learn the pieces of myself that were no longer working for me and my true knowing, is a potent energy of embracing who we are and bursting through the boxes we put ourselves in. I am so grateful for this Lion’s Sol Pack. 

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