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Oh, Hello & Welcome!
I'm Marcolena Lion

I am a sensual movement specialist who focuses on studying sensuality, self-love, and self-compassion teachings, drawing inspiration from both ancient wisdom, spirituality, and modern-day psychology.

Movement is the souls expression love.

Dance is the hearts expression of freedom.

Self-touch is the minds expression of compassion.

Community is the spirits expression of belonging.

Prayer is the Beings knowing of eternal oneness.


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1:1 Sol-full Movement Session

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Personalized Sol-Full Movement Sessions

Bookings for private in-person or online movement sessions will be starting 2024. *These sessions will include holistic wellness practices such as: meditation, guided safe self-touch practice, expressive/interpretive dance, sensual & gentle movement, journaling, and prayer.

'Into Your Being'  hosted and produced by Marcolena Lion, is a transformative podcast of peace & safety within. Through wellness, spiritual evolution, sensual embodiment, self-love, meditation, & community we explore the unique journey of the human & soul. Each episode is tailored to nourish the essence of the whole being, supporting your sacred unfolding. Immerse yourself in guided meditations, conscious conversations, and empowering stories that illuminate the path back home—into your being.

Will you share this prayer with me?

ear God, teach me how to use all the parts of my soul & human experience to create art with my life. I choose to paint a brighter story and let go of my past, release my worries for the future, and trust in a plan greater than my own. When people look at me, I want my heart to reflect the same love & compassion as Yours. May all our hearts be happy. Our bodies be healthy. And our minds know equanimity.

"Thank you, Universe, for bringing us closer to peace today."

Blessed Be


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