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Oh, Hello!

I'm Marcolena Lion! I Am A
Sensual Movement Mentor
Metamorphosis Coach

I love you. Thank you for being here.

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This I Believe,

Trust in oneself is the single most important thing on this planet.

I say this with absolute confidence because I have lived most of my life doubting every decision I have made. Where my doubts led me was down long, sometimes dangerous roads of self-hatred, hardships, depression, anxiety, and searching for love as far as I could reach outside of myself to escape the suffering from within. What I have learned in my life is that without trust in self, there is no trust in Mother Earth's teachings, our own purpose, and our connection to the Universe.

I have spent a lot of my existence underestimating the vitality of trusting oneself tremendously. I ignored the signs of depression. I disregarded and minimized my own pain. I overworked myself and scoffed at exhaustion. I closed myself from God, which caused me to look away from my own Inner Light Being. I did all of this because I was terrified while acting as though I was fine! The truth was, I was terrified of failure. I was terrified of being alone. I was terrified of abandonment. I was terrified that if I was seen for anything other than perfect and put together, I would be written off as a weak woman who could never be redeemed from the belief, she is weak, therefore, she is inadequate.

What I was most terrified of was my own power and what would happen if I began to live in a reality where I no longer deny myself from who I am and who I know myself to truly be. I thought,


what if all that I am, all that I was, and all that I am meant to still become is the single most courageous act of self-liberation, while it is also the most catastrophic bomb that has ever occurred in all my lifetimes thus far?


Do I have what it takes to welcome the gates of freedom from suffering to open and begin to embrace the undeniable magik that pain holds? Yes. Yes, I do, but like you, I wondered, “how?”

To live the life of our truest desires is to embody...


the eagle within who is finally freed from its cages of captivity and flies high in the sky. It is the life where the lion roars a bellowing roar that is heard for miles in the silence of the desert. It is the hummingbird who relishes in the sweet nectar it returns to daily for nourishment. It is the life where the auspicious elephant can destroy any obstacle on their path with ease and illuminate it with light pointing directly towards your best possible timeline.

To live a life of our truest desires is to never stop yourself from living again.

Maybe in another lifemany have said. Why not this one? I question. 

Lets Work Together

Male Lions


Two elephants splashing water


INbracing Divinity 

An 8-week immersive and educational program for healing healers ready to discover their own resolution on their personal journey of total INbodiment.
Develop a 
deeper understanding of your Divine Feminine & Masculine energies, discover sacred sisterhood, and reunify your heavenly oneness.
*This is my most connective and supportive offering.*

On Soul Humanly Divine podcast we will uncover the strengths & teachings our polarities have to offer us. Every Monday & Thursday each episode is crafted with the purpose of bringing harmony and oneness to our Divine Feminine (darkness) and Divine Masculine (light) fires.

Photos taken by Daniela Blagoeva

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